“At Adventures by the Book, our mission is to connect readers with authors and their books through interesting, unique, and adventurous events and travels, so it is like gold for us when we work with someone like Jenna Blum who can make our events and travels a smashing success. Jenna possesses that rare trifecta of not only being a talented writer but also of being an engaging speaker and one who knows how to intimately connect with her readers. In 2017, she honored us by participating as our featured author on a Germany Adventure by the Book, in which we traveled with sixteen of her reading fans to Bavaria, Germany, to recreate her inspiration, research, and the story behind Those Who Save Us. We had ten days to watch her in action, and not only did she charm the pants off of our group, but she delighted local bookshop owners, fellow tourists, and pretty much every local with whom we crossed paths. And she learned enough of the language in that short amount of time to delight all. She is smart, sassy, funny, brilliant, genuine, and engaging. I couldn't recommend her highly enough to for public speaking opportunities.”

Susan McBeth
Founder and CEO, Adventures by the Book, San Diego, CA

~ ~ ~

“Jenna Blum spoke at Congregation Beth Israel in Houston, TX to commemorate Kristallnacht on November 8, 2018, as part of her book tour for The Lost Family. Despite the serious subject matter of her book, her speech was electrifying, energetic and downright delightful. Ms. Blum has the capacity to entertain and to educate her audience, keeping us engaged at a level where we enjoy learning and responding to her joyful creativity. Her rare and exceptional gift had us all wanting to read, or even re-read her current book, and wanting to go back and read her earlier novels. (I did and I suspect others did as well.) Many attendees complimented us on our choice of speakers; we look forward to hosting Jenna Blum for other occasions in our future programming.”

Miriam Kalman Friedman, Ph.D.
Chair, Adult Education Committee, Congregation Beth Israel, Houston, TX

~ ~ ~

“Jenna is knowledgeable, intelligent, and accessible as a speaker to any audience lucky enough to listen to her. I have been present on numerous occasions when she has spoken and you could hear a pin drop in the room as audiences were intent on enjoying her every word! She has a way of presenting her ideas in living color. Jenna is warm, engaging, humorous, and always professional...and I’d like to add adorable!”

Sarajane Giddings
Event Hostess, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

~ ~ ~

"Jenna Blum is an utter rockstar of an author. She commands a room with bursting humor, warmth, writerly wisdom, and an unforgettable fearlessness. When she spoke as our keynote in 2018, our audience jumped to their feet in applause, inspired by her vision and wit. Blum is consistently among our most popular and beloved speakers-- a true treat for any audience that cares about writing, books, and urgent lessons of history. Any event is ridiculously lucky to have her."

Sonya Larson
Conference Director, Muse & Marketplace, Grub Street Writers

~ ~ ~

“We were so incredibly fortunate here in Milwaukee to have Jenna Blum present to the Women's Speaker Series not just once, but twice, over the years! Our audience was riveted both times a while Jenna spoke about her work, as she is such an eloquent, intelligent, and passionate speaker. We were all truly impressed with how dedicated she is to fascinating historical themes and to her craft. And then we all had so much fun chatting with her afterward, as she has such a warm personality to boot. We of course hope to host her yet again in the future!”

Margy Stratton
Founder, Women's Speaker Series at Lynden Sculpture Garden, Milwaukee

~ ~ ~


Dear friends,

For the past 15 years, I’ve had the great privilege of speaking for you about my books and work: in your libraries, bookstores, universities, and schools; at special events, luncheons, dinners, and fundraisers; at book clubs in your home. For Those Who Save Us, I visited over 800 book clubs—in the Boston area alone!, and that was just the beginning.

Obviously, I love speaking —and I’d love to come speak for you. If you’re a book club host, librarian, or bookstore events manager, you can request me using the form below. For all other venues, please contact Christie Hinrichs at christie@authorsunbound.com or call (541) 797-2217. Check out Jenna’s Speaking Profile here!

Thank you so much! I’m so looking forward to speaking for you.


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